Streeter is a one stop app for all things local. You can discover local ads, nearby restaurants, latest movie show times, boutiques, malls, job listings and many more.

If you come across a place that might interest your friends or followers? Send them a special shoutout via the Echo feature! They will get notified as a recommendation when they are near to the place.

Discover local ads, local businesses, from trendy hotspots to street food. 
Finding all the useful information you need such as neighboring Restaurants, Jobs, Movies, Coupons, Rating, Reviews, and many more at your fingertips.

ECHO (Special shoutout)
If you come across an ad or business listing or your favorite place that might interest your friends or followers? Send them a special shout out via the Echo feature!

Perosalized Recommendations 
If you are near to the echoed location/place you will get push notification with number of friends or followers in your circle that has recommended it.


MY wall has a collection of most recent updates of your activities and from Individuals, Business you follow. Feed includes business listings, Ad postings and social activities likes Loves, comments, Echoes, Ratings and Reviews and many more appear here!!! Build a virtual story that grows more eclectic with each adventure

See what’s hot in your neck of the woods. Streeter’s trending features offers users the chance to see what's popular in the application.

Use Streeter’s integrated map view to see places and listings near your current location. Refine your search and find popular places. Streeter helps you find it fast!

See what movies are now showing in your area. Find out what’s coming soon, see show times, and also purchase tickets directly and let your friends know if you are attending a Movie.

Stay in the loop. Streeter notifies you of important social activities such as Loves, comments, echoes on your posts. And many more!!

Streeter for Businesses

Tell your customers what makes your company special. Share your story, describe your products, or explain your philosophy. Offer information such as website links, hours of operation, address, phone number and photos etc.

Businesses and Individuals can post a targeted advertisement with a few taps of the screen that will be seen by people in the vicinity of their home or business. The best part? It’s 100% free!

Improve visibility of your ads by boosting them. Connect points earned by inviting friends to Streeter, can be used to boost your ad’s priority. Choose from below three distinct categories of promotion.
URGENT ADS - An urgent ad is the most powerful and effective way to boost your post for the highest Visibility
FEATURED ADS - Ads receive exclusive prioritization second only to urgent ads!
SPOTLIGHT ADS - Get better views by putting your ad in the spot light!

Share your STREETER Promo code with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Phone contacts to earn Points . For every share earn one point, and earn five points every time a Customer/Friend joins with your promo code.

ECHO (Promote your business or ads )
Reach all your customers with few taps on the screen 
Customers get notified instantly 
Customer get auto reminder notification when they are near to the business



Streeter is the perfect companion for buyers. Search local listings, Ads and find incredible deals local retailer and Individuals are offerings.

Streeter helps connect you with local buyers. Sell electronics and others using our convenient and marketable platform.